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12 nights
Join us for an intensive immersion experience in Israel/Palestine, as we examine realities on the ground as experienced by members of diverse communities in Israel, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem.  The program's main focus will be on internal dynamics within Israel, including the predicament and identity of Palestinian citizens of Israel and of other identity and marginalized groups, intercommunal relations within the state, and the ways in which these relate to the broader Israeli-Palestinian and Arab-Israeli conflict.  The program includes visits and home hospitality, and meetings with community leaders and activists, policy-makers, peacebuilders, academics, professionals, and other community members.  (It will also include a number of excursions to the West Bank and, of course, visits to East and West Jerusalem).
The trip offers a perfect opportunity for students conducting research projects in the region, as well as anyone interested in an in-depth exploration of the country's history and current affairs.
For those interested, there is a possibility of staying in the region longer and being placed in an internship and/or language study program.  
Estimated program fee: $3300 (a limited number of small scholarships may be available).
The fee covers lodging (double or triple-occupancy rooms for 12 nights), 2 meals per day (breakfast plus lunch OR dinner), in-country ground transportation, cultural excursions, entrance fees, and speaker/resource people and facilitator fees.  The fee does not include airfare.
This program can also be taken as an Independent Study course for credit (tuition fees apply).

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