ILLI Initiatives offers a variety of services and programs:


Sights & Insights Tours: Join one of our many trips to Israel, Palestine, Morocco, or Jordan, or order a trip tailored especially to your/your group's needs and wishes.

Trip Planning: We will plan your trip to Israel, Palestine, Morocco, or Jordan and take care of logistics, programming, etc.

Travel Consultation: We offer individual consultation about Israel, Palestine, Morocco, or Jordan, prior to your trip (if you are traveling with us, this service is included; if you are traveling on your own or with another program, we offer this service for a fee).



Seminars and Workshops: Join one of our existing programs, where you will acquire and develop leadership skills, as well as conflict resolution, negotiation, and cross cultural communication skills. Alternatively, order a particular from us tailored to your group's needs.



Immersion Language Study: We will place you in one of our partner programs in the MENA region 

Private Lessons: Receive private lessons in the US or in the MENA region.

Translation Services: We offer professional translation services in/between a variety of languages.


Internships in the MENA Region: We will place you in (or help you find) an internship in the MENA region in the field and country of your choice.






Current and Upcoming Activities and Programs
Israel/Palestine 2022
Morocco 2022