Transformative Conflict Resolution Workshops











Our transformative conflict resolution workshops bring together parties to a conflict, or people who are interested in working with parties engaged in conflict.  The workshop is co-facilitated by scholar-practitioners who are themselves usually primary parties to a given conflict


Workshops usually take the Israeli-Palestinian/Arab-Israeli conflict as a primary case study, though the experience and understandings gained are relevant to other conflicts. Through a series of exercises and facilitated discussions participants are made to engage in a profound way with issues central to the conflict.  They gain new insights about themselves, the “other,” and the conflict at hand, and foster meaningful and sustainable relationships. These relationships not only enhance participants’ experiences, but they also provide the basis for a different kind of future Middle East/North Africa.


Workshops run from a few hours to a week in length, and can be held at a variety of venues, including university campuses, religious communities, the workplace, or a retreat center (with overnight stay).  


Each workshop is tailored to suit the nature and needs of its participants, and can include specific skill training (negotiations, facilitation, workshop design, and evaluation) as well.  A workshop can be held in preparation for, as an integral part of, or as follow up to a Sights & Insights trip.

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